Hello Trump-free America!

I share the ditty below tongue-in-cheek. I, unlike a certain crowd and its amoral leader, believe in supporting the results of free and legitimate elections. Trump didn’t win, thank the heavens, and I sometimes can’t keep from smiling when driving in neighborhoods that, at least based on the majority of the election signs, largely supported the bully.

But here’s my tongue-in-cheek entry in anticipation of a Trump re-election:

As an Independent, I’m
not necessarily a Biden
supporter, but
“I’ll get on my knees and pray
We don’t get [Trumped] again, no, no, no, no NO”! (My minor adaptation of “We Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who)

If Trump wins again, I’m not moving to Canada. Why should I have to give up my home and my way of life because a growing percentage of Americans are so ignorant and so devoid of any sense of morality that they would waste their vote on such an amoral ignoramous. No, I won’t move to Canada. But I’ll tell you what SHOULD happen if he wins. A group of our special forces, those of good will, who are true patriots, and who have respect for our country and its people, should move in and kidnap him, box him up in a crate, and ship him off–with no return address!–to Siberia, where he can buddy up with his authoritarian comrade Putin. The boxed crate should have this message on it: “If you (Putin) and your corrupt chronies send this worthless box back to us, we will go to war against you and ‘Мы вас похороним!'”*


*The Russian phrase is from Soviet First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev who was addressing Western ambassadors in November 18, 1956, at the Polish embassy in Moscow. The translation is “We will bury you!” (romanized: “My vas pokhoronim!”). Whether Khrushchev made this exact statement and, if he did, how to interpret it is still debated.

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